The Jones Family meets John Tesh

Friday, April 6, 2018 –  Kurt Jones and Jeff Jones enjoyed a meet and greet luncheon with John Tesh at Dimillo’s in Portland, Maine.  John flew in from California to meet with the team from WHOM and select clients.  Kelly Lloyd has worked with CN Brown Company for over two decades and chose CN Brown Company as her special guests for this event.  It was a great opportunity for Kurt and Jeff; they were delighted to be selected for the event.  Kelly shared that she greatly appreciates CN Brown Company’s Bundle the Warmth Campaign.  This campaign has been in place for three years and is live during the holiday music season.  If you’ve missed the opportunity to hear the commercial, click the link below.  CN Brown Company believes in giving back to the community that supports their success.  During the campaign, a $250 CN Brown Company gift card is given to one lucky winner every weekday!  Stay tuned for the 2018 Bundle the Warmth Campaign at 94.9 WHOM.