Portsmouth, NH Big Apple Store

Hello, On July 3rd my 17 yr old son Adam took my car to go on a night out with his cousin to see the fireworks which translated to driving two girls from Winthrop Ma. to their home in Hampton, NH. In the early hrs of the 4th (around 6 am), they found themselves completely out of bounds, out of gas and out of money in the parking lot of your Big Apple store in Portsmouth. The two boys were standing outside the store with a cup asking for a change to buy enough gas to get home when they were approached by the store manager. When they explained the situation your manager informed them that he could not let them solicit money but he would help them. He then gave them 15 dollars worth of gas and 5 dollars for tolls, money out of his own pocket, on the conditions that my son call home immediately and tell me where he was and that someday he pay it forward and help someone else that needed it. where how and when was to be his decision. On Thursday I stopped into the store with my son to pay back the money and I met Ken. He respectfully refused to take my money and said his deal was with my son. His explanation was it was a two-part deal. Part one was to call me immediately to both put me at ease and to ensure he, at some point, would have to face the music and part two was he help someone else in need. Stepping up to help someone else whether it was time or money would help teach him that sometimes the smallest kindness reaped the greatest rewards. Getting his money back was never part of the deal. He was holding Adam to the agreement they made and was just glad he got home safe. Ken is a class act and I\’m so glad my son found himself in the parking lot of his store. And it was not lost on me that he insisted my son called home first. Just thought you should know. Thank You.

~Anonymous Parent