WB Mason for all your supplies

Dealer Testimonial:  WB Mason for all your supplies!


Rapid Roy’s Shell
Gas & Convenience
2806 White Mtn. Highway
North Conway, NH 03860

July 1, 2014

C.N. Brown Company
Mr. Richard Young
PO Box 200
South Paris, ME 04281

Dear Richard:
We began using W.B. Mason for supplies in early July. Right from the beginning, we found them friendly and helpful. Allen at W.B. Mason called to set up our account to make sure we received CN Brown pricing. He even asked what products we’ll commonly order (such as receipt paper) and set up a “shopping list” for us on the website, to make re-ordering easy. He placed our initial order right over the phone and it arrived at our store within 24 hours!
It turned out that I miscommunicated one of the items on our first order… I offered to keep the product because we’d need it eventually, but Allen said he’d be happy to have his driver pick it up the next day and credit our account. That’s the true test of a good vendor, in my opinion. As a small business owner, my day is already full, so for him to make the item return effortless for me won me over to W.B. Mason’s service. Their prices are better than we were paying through the previous supplier, and being able to receive product in less than 48 hours is wonderful. If anyone out there hasn’t signed up with W.B. Mason yet, I recommend that you give them a call!
We’re thrilled that C.N. Brown set up this program so that even independent store owners like us can get supplies at great prices with super-fast delivery. You folks have taken great care of us since Day One, and this new program is another example of why we enjoy doing business with C.N. Brown.


Roy & Eleda Towle