No matter your fuel needs C. N. Brown Company has the product for you.

Heating Oil with Red Shield As part of our commitment to our customers we upgraded our home heating oil with an additive to provide you with a premium heating oil product at no extra charge. In fact, it will save you money.

K-1/Kerosene A purer type of fuel, it is the only product suggested for use in modern space heaters and monitor heaters. This product can also be used in outside tanks, as it will not congeal in freezing weather.

Liquid Propane Gas This is a heavy gaseous substance used for heating, cooking and fueling vehicles and is stored in pressurized tanks.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel This product is clear and can be used for on road or off road use.

Off Road Diesel This product is intended off road use only.

Wood Pellets We offer Premium hardwood pellets – available in convenient 25lb. bags.

Electricity Switch to C. N. Brown Electricity and save money on the supply portion of your electricity bill.  Heating Oil customers who enroll in C. N. Brown Electricity can save an additional $.05 off the cash price for Fuel Oil, Kerosene, and Propane. C. N. Brown Electricity is currently available to CMP, Bangor Hydro and PSNH customers.  Signup today