CN Brown Company’s Employee Spotlight, April 2021 – Sonia Smith!

Enjoy what Sonia shared about her journey with CN Brown Company:

What was your first position? 

I started out my senior year in high school as a file clerk. I would work from 2:30 – 5:00pm daily. That quickly changed and began receiving more and more duties.  I continued to work part time through college.  At that time CN Brown Company had a night crew so I would work until 6 or 7pm and all day Friday. 

Have you worked on any projects you’re particularly proud of?

I have been part of many computer conversions as many of us more seasoned employee shave been over the years. The one I am particularly proud of was the Heating Oil system conversion from Northern Data to the Structured Management system.  At that time I was working in this was a BIG deal for our company because even though the H/O division has the Northern Data system to use, it was all stand alone and really more of a record keeping system with many, many manual processes. With each location doing their own “thing”. I was asked to head/lead the committee for the H/O system conversion. HOSIT was our name it stood for Heating Oil Software Implementation Team. It was a BIG deal, heading up such a HUGE project in my mid-late twenties. The project began back in 1998 and went through to 2000.  Over all is was a success and as with any conversion it had its share of issues but, I learned so many valuable things that help me throughout my career.

Did you serve in the military?

No, and a HUGE thank you to all that have served and are currently serving!!!

How did your career progress at CN Brown Company?

I started as a file clerk in high school and worked part time through college. I continued to work here through college having various duties.  This continued until I was promoted to my first “real official” full time job reconciling the bank accounts while earning my degree. Then I went on to reconcile and do everything within the department, eventually working my way up to the assistant supervisor of Accounting.  An opportunity opened up in it (Data Processing) and I tried. Again starting at entry level and eventually worked my up to the assistant manager. Next came the opportunity to manage and run my own Department in Accounting.  That was in January 2000 and here I am.  

What’s the best part of your current job?

Dealing with the various data flow of transactions throughout the system, whichever system it may be.  Everything “dumps” into the General Ledger, and part of my job is to know why, how, where did come from, when, is that the best way, etc. etc. etc. Accounting is involved in every facet of the business. I thoroughly enjoy figuring out how the data flows, helping to develop systems, training, procedures and processes while maintaining integrity in the numbers.  I also REALLY enjoy working with people and contributing to their development.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

People issues – we can fix just about anything with a journal entry but dealing with disciplinary issues is NEVER rewarding.  

What’s your favorite memory from working at C N Brown Company? Gosh there are so many I guess a top 5 would be when I was chosen as the 1996 Employee of the Year.

Why would you recommend working for C N Brown Company?

The flexibility, the people, and opportunities to learn, develop, and grow with the company.

Thank you, Sonia, for your 32 years of service! We appreciate YOU!