CN Brown Company’s Employee Spotlight, February 2022 – Miranda Peaslee!

Check out what Miranda shared about her journey with CN Brown Company:

Q. How did your career progress at CN Brown Company?

I first started with CN Brown in the Customer Service department in August of 2002 at 16 years old and worked after school. I did miscellaneous tasks that coworkers needed as well as tank data. It wasn’t long before I moved to the Accounts Receivable department where I helped with processing heating oil paperwork, keying credit cards, emergency charges, gas price surveys, it was really a little bit of everything. I then moved to Accounting and processed DSR’s and as time went on learned and created some reconciliations processes. I started working more hours while going to college and then eventually became full time. I actually left CN Brown in August of 2007 and worked at another business. I heard that the Accounts Receivable department was looking for someone and jumped on the chance of coming back which had me landing back here in September of 2008. Since being back I’ve worked on heating oil, pricing, billing, bid contracts, a little bit of everything again. I got to be a part of the Fuelsmart conversion in 2014. This was a huge project and I really enjoyed it. It was nice learning something new and helping create all of the new processes. We then converted from that system to PDI in 2019, which I got to help with as well. It’s been very interesting watching things change over the years!

 Q. What’s the best part of your current job?

The best part is that I’m never bored, there’s usually something changing or being added. It definitely keeps me on my toes!

Q. What’s the most challenging part of your job?

 The most challenging part of my job would have to be keeping track of all the different vendors, terminals, and the pricing. There are a ton of different combinations and could vary customer to customer, location to location.

Q. What’s your favorite memory from working at CN Brown Company?

I have lot of good memories working here. I actually met, my now, best friend working here. We had worked together for a little while, but then attended a trade show together. After the trade show we began to chit chat more and more and ended up getting very close. It’s hard not to feel like these people I have worked with for almost 20 years aren’t my family – they’ve watched me grow up from a high school teacher to a married woman with a son and have helped me celebrate everything the whole way!

Q. Why would you recommend working for CN Brown Company?

Hands down, the flexibility! Having a family with a young child brings a lot of planned and unplanned events and I have never once been made to feel guilty asking for time off or just not being able to come in at all for whatever reason. The flexibility is invaluable here at CNB!

Thank you for your 19 years of dedication to CN Brown Company, Miranda! We appreciate YOU!