CN Brown Company’s Employee Spotlight for December, Veronda Johndro!

Enjoy what Von shared about her journey with CN Brown Company:

How did your career progress at CN Brown Energy?

“I originally put in my application for a bookkeeping position just to get some office experience as it was an entry level position and I was ready to get out of the food industry.  I had no clerical experience so didn’t have any high hopes.  John Wheeler, the Territory Manager then, now Retail Sales Manager for the company, decided to give me a shot.  I figured I’d stay just long enough to gain enough experience to move on.  After two years as the bookkeeper I got promoted to Manager, and, as they say, the rest is history.  John still asks me to this day if I ever forgave him for hiring me.  Someday, John, someday!”

What’s the best part of your job?

“I enjoy the day to day interactions with my customers, especially the long term ones who I’ve gotten to know on a more personal level as they have been doing business with us for years.  When they come in and smile and ask about my family and I theirs it just adds that personal touch and can make what may have started as a bad day turn around completely.  Oh, and our furry friends, love seeing them!  Have quite a few customers who come into the office instead of calling or mailing in their payment just so they can bring their doggies by to say hi and get a treat.  Always brings smiles and laughs to all of our faces.  I did have a customer who was walking her prized standard poodle down the trail that runs alongside my office and locked her keys in the car.  I gave them both a ride home and back to retrieve the spare keys and got a lovely thank you card in return.  We look out for each other in our community.”

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

“Sigghhhh, right now I would have to say this pandemic.  Being an essential business that delivers heating oil and propane to residential and commercial customers, not to mention diesel to towns that use it to plow and sand during storms, it is imperative that we keep not only us but our customers safe during this trying time.  This is a whole new world we are living in and we are doing everything we can to conform to it and still service our customers in the safest way possible.”

What is your favorite memory from working at CN Brown Energy?

“Oh, this one is easy!  A couple years ago I had the opportunity to get out from behind my desk and go out into the field.  I attended so many conferences and summits, and I loved the networking I did with various vendors and the contacts I made to improve and expand our division.  One memorable trip to Worcester Massachusetts for a two day conference was an amazing opportunity and I got to spend time with and get to know Georgia Greenwood, from a sister location in New Hampshire, Rick McCullock, her technician, and Bonnie Page, my territory manager of many years.  Sam Chretien, master technician for the company, joined us on the second day.  Georgia, Bonnie, and I got a kick out of watching Rick and Sam do the virtual reality tour of a new type of hot water heater.  I do believe I still have video somewhere.  Oh, and watching Bonnie trying to get into the trade show the wrong way through the revolving door will always bring a smile and a chuckle.”

Why would you recommend working for CN Brown Energy?

“Like I said, I had only been planning on staying here for a year or two before moving on.  However, the support and growth opportunities I received, not only from John Wheeler and many at the corporate office, but from my amazing boss, Bonnie, who pulled me out of my shell without me even realizing it (no, I’m not sucking up…but is it working?) is amazing and invaluable.  We ARE the people of CN Brown, and we are family.  Sighhhh…ok, John, I guess I can forgive you….maybe.”

Thank you for your 23 years of service, Von! We appreciate YOU!