CN Brown Company’s Employee Spotlight for February 2021, Patty Whitman!

Enjoy what Patty shared about her journey with CN Brown Company:

What was your first position with CN Brown Company?

I was hired in the beginning of March, 1988. I started in a department that no longer exists. It was Settlements doing stations daily paperwork.

Have you worked on any projects that you are particularly proud of since beginning with the company?

Projects are the many computer conversions. SMS in 1996, Heating Oil Conversion to SMS in 1999, plus all the one’s in between and still happening. Being part of the Employee of the Month Committee was alot of FUN!

How did your career progress at CN Brown Company?

I moved from settlements to Account Receivable to process credit cards. Then meter billing of dealers to helping with Dispatch. To billing, then taxes, which I brought with me to the Accounting Department.

What’s the best part of your current job?

Learning how to prepare taxes in new computer software to file on or before the due dates.

What’s your favorite memory of working at CN Brown Company?

I have so many…working on the Employee of the Month Committee and all the skits, plus the heating oil conversion to SMS committee luncheon after we were done.

Why would you recommend working for CN Brown Company?

The flexibility of the company for appointments, time off, and opportunity to go watch your child’s sporting events.

Thank you Patty, for your 33 years of service to the company! We appreciate YOU!