CN Brown Company’s Employee Spotlight, June 2021- Wanda Simpson!

Enjoy what Wanda shared about her journey with CN Brown Company:

I started working for C N Brown Company on May 9th, 1986.  I was hired in the Accounts Payable Department.  I was reviewing Purchase Journals for the Big Apple Stores.  There were 19 Big Apple Stores at the time.

Q. How did your career progress at CN Brown Company?

I have worked in the following positions with C N Brown Company:

New position that was created in Accounts Payable, processing all Purchase Orders.

Billing Department processing credit cards.

Accounting, handling deposits from the retail locations.

Billing Department, I became the Assistant Manager. I was working on gasoline billing and gallons.

Accounts Receivable Department, I went out to all the heating oil locations and reviewed the customer’s AR aging / collection process.                                                                                 

I went out on maternity leave and while on leave I was offered the position that I am still at as of today, HR-Payroll Manager.  I came back from leave on 02/01/1995 and began my new position as HR-Payroll Manager.

In June of 2015 I acquired another position, Worker’s Compensation and General Liability.  This position was in addition to the HR-Payroll position that I was currently performing.

 Q. What’s the best part of your current job?

I have a wonderful group of ladies that work in the HR-Payroll Department.  They make it a pleasure to come into work every day.  We are very busy and the days fly by quickly.  All the employees love us on Pay day.

Q. What’s the most challenging part of your job?

 Making sure C N Brown Company is up to date on all the new regulations with Federal and State Department of Labor. 

Q. What’s your favorite memory from working at CN Brown Company?

C N Brown Company has had some fun events over the years.  Some of them were Trade Shows, Christmas Parties (some of them had skit competitions between departments), Local parade (CNB would have a float), Golf Tournament and many more. 

Q. Why would you recommend working for CN Brown Company?

It is owned by a local family.  I love the flexibility.  When my children were in school the flexibility meant so much to me, being able to go to after school functions and games was so important.