CN Brown Company’s Employee Spotlight, March 2021, Pat Tibbetts!

Enjoy what Pat shared about her journey with CN Brown Company.

What was your first position?

My career at CNBrown Company started 30 years ago in January 1991.  I was hired for the position of Switchboard Operator/Receptionist by the Office Manager, Laura Ashton.  Margaret Pike, the Executive Secretary, was my immediate supervisor.

My career as a receptionist/switchboard operator started in the late 1950’s when I worked summers in the office at a Jewish girls’ camp – Camp Waziyatah on McWain Pond in Waterford.  At that time Waziyatah was owned and operated by Leonard and Beatrice Field, Park Avenue, New York City.  I developed a fondness for this  field of work while at Waziyatah and enjoyed this career choice throughout all my future years of work in every place of my employment.  Interesting note…… Small world….. For many years, including the 5 years I was there, the head of the Maintenance Department and the head of the Dining Hall at Waziyatah were Clement (Clem) and Rebecca McAllister.  They were the grandparents and namesake of our very own Becky Toothaker!!!

My fantasy dream job was working the switchboard at Walt Disney World – wearing my Mickey Mouse ears, of course…….”Good  morning – Mickey and all his friends welcome you to Walt Disney World.”

What’s the best part of your current job?

The best part of my job at CNBrown is the satisfaction of knowing I have done the best I know how in initially helping, assisting, or directing a customer that calls CNBrown.

I  am very thankful for the dedicated training and the years of experience.  The Switchboard Operator/Receptionist’s position could not be successful and effective without the  many top-notch and caring supervisors and fellow workers.  Everyone’s help and in-put makes for a smooth-running and productive work environment.

What’s the most challenging part of your current job?

The most challenging part of running the switchboard is – for me – after making sure I have done my absolute best to initially accommodate and direct a concerned customer to a favorable or agreeable outcome and the customer still feels his concern is still not going to be resolved to his satisfaction.  AND…………of course we all know how challenging new computer procedures are for me…….. Thank goodness for helpful and understanding fellow employees!!!!!

What’s your favorite memory of working at CN Brown Company?

My favorite memory from working at CNBrown…………there have been soooooooooooo many through the years……. From meeting and conversing with many, many wonderful and interesting people, to feeling privileged to have worked here when CN Brown’s original owner, Harold Jones, was President, to having been selected as “Employee of the Year” in 2015, and so fortunate to have just the bestest “Kahoona” and  fellow workers….. the list could just go on and on…..

Why would you recommend working for CN Brown Company?

I would certainly recommend working for CNBrown…….. Being a well-established, well-known, reputable, and family-owned business, CN Brown cares about its employees well-being and the many communities their business serves.  With an employee showing a healthy interest in what their position entails, trying hard in their work, getting along with and up-lifting their fellow employees, I believe their work experience at CN Brown will be full-filling, satisfying,  and rewarding.

Thank you, Pat, for your 30 years of service to our company! We appreciate YOU!