CN Brown Company’s Employee Spotlight, September 2021 – Misty Allen!

Enjoy what Misty shared about her journey with CN Brown Company:

Q. How did your career progress at CN Brown Company? 

I started working here after school keying liquid gold.  Then once I graduated I was hire full time and worked in AR, then retail operations, then AR, then Accounting.  I have been in this department for 16 years.

 Q. What’s the best part of your current job?

I think the best part is always learning new things.  Things keep changing so you have to keep up!

Q. What’s the most challenging part of your job?

I think the most challenging this is the same as the best part.  Things are always changing and as much as I like to figure things out sometimes it can be very challenging.

Q. What’s your favorite memory from working at CN Brown Company? 

I don’t know that I have one that jumps out.  Being here 25 years I have a lot of memories.  I have worked with some amazing people and a lot of them for become good friends and have shared memories here and outside of work.

Q. Why would you recommend working for CN Brown Company?

The flexibility is great.  While working here and raising two kids I have been able to make every  event I needed to be at with no issues.  And the people of CN Brown Company are great to work with!