CN Brown Company’s Employee Spotlight – September 2022 – Wanda Walker!

Enjoy what Wanda shared about her journey with CN Brown Company:

Q. How did your career progress at CN Brown Company? 

I have been customer service/ heating oil assistant since I started here 14 years ago. There have been many projects but the one that made me feel like I made a difference was making sure that everyone had the supplies they needed to face everything they ran into.

 Q. What’s the best part of your current job?

The people that I work with are the best part of my job. They are some of the strongest most wonderful people that I have the honor of knowing. I also love the customers that I have gotten to know over the years. Being in customer service, you have the opportunity to get to know your customers and understand their needs.

Q. What’s the most challenging part of your job?

The customers that you cannot help.

Q. What’s your favorite memory from working at CN Brown Company?

The people that I have gotten to know. The laughter, taking part in parades, kids Christmas and office celebrations.

 Q. Why would you recommend working for CN Brown Company?

We are family here not just employees. Unlike like corporations, being family owned you are recognized for your hard work. The owners know everyone and stop and talk to you.

We thank you for your 14 Years of Service, Wanda!