MDA honors Tiffany J. Olson





August 26, 2014
STATE WIDE (WGME) — A Maine woman is being honored for decades a work on behalf of families with neuromuscular diseases.

For many years, one woman has been synonymous with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and later this week, she’ll be honored for “making a difference.”

It was the late 1970’s and channel 13, WGAN TV was undergoing a big change. It was moving day from the old newspaper building on Congress Street to the new studio on Washington Avenue.

Sure, there were cameras and sets to move but no one was going anywhere without the all-important telethon clock from the MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon and who better to move it than telethon hosts, Bob O’Wrill, the station weatherman and the one and only Tiffany Jones.

Tiffany’s connection with MDA dates back decades. As host of the telethon she got to know many of Jerry’s Kids in Maine and helped to shine a light on important advances in research that MDA helped to fund.

Her tenure with MDA is almost as long as it took to move that clock. It’s only just made it onto the elevator.

Tiffany may have stopped hosting the telethon, but she sure didn’t stop working with MDA. She became the organizations executive director, the face of MDA at countless events, including C. N. Brown golf tournaments.

And over those many years, Tiffany became great friends and supporters of all the folks at C.N. Brown, including the man for whom the Spirit of Life award is named, Chick Wilkins. Together, they hit one home run after another.

It’s almost impossible to think of MDA in Maine without thinking of Tiffany Jones Olsen and that clock finally made it all the way to its new home.

Tiffany Jones Olsen truly embodies the Chick Wilkins Spirit of Life. She has touched the lives of hundreds of families struggling with neuromuscular diseases in Maine.

Tiffany Jones Olsen says she will always support MDA, hoping that research and funding will help find a cure for neuromuscular diseases like ALS and Ducheness Muscular Dystrophy.

Tiffany retired from CN Brown Company in August, 2016.